Coin Art At Its Finest

Beautiful art creations inspired by the love of coins & silver, hand crafted by a skilful jeweller who is truly passionate to providing their best possible service.





I started making jewellery from coins as a hobby after progressing from an avid coin collector, after sharing my artwork amongst friends & family, also members of the coin community I started receiving many requests and it soon became apparent that these timeless pieces can end up becoming more than just a coin but a cherished meaningful treasure that can be passed down through generations with a story to tell.

As I progressed adding more unique items of jewellery, I also got requests for more bespoke items and personal pieces, be it a year that holds a special memory or a piece made from a coin that has been passed on from a loved one.

 Each and every piece is masterfully handcrafted with a passion,

making every single piece unique and personal.

Thank you to all who have joined me on my journey.

I look forward to sharing all future projects with you all.